Girls in Gloucester

As soon as the weather warmed up the girls and I took a quick day trip to Gloucester (and later Rockport). The purpose of this trip was no other then to take some fun photos. I was especially excited because I purchased a reflector and couldn’t wait to try it out. I’ll just say this… it was a complete game changer!

We first took some shots by the cliff side. Across the street we came across a very photogenic car. Later on we visited Gloucester Castle or Hammond Castle. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time so this was  the highlight of the day! It was closed that day but the architecture from outside was well worth the visit.

So check out these photos of my very model-esqe friends.







Here’s a few behind the scenes photos with the reflector and Farrah doing head shots of us on her polaroid!

Aaand despite always being behind the camera, I managed to join in on the fun and actually have Farrah take a rare photo of me!


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