Munich and Bavaria

This title is misleading because Munich is in Bavaria.. a fact I didn’t know before visiting the region. And that’s the beauty of travel.. you learn facts you otherwise would not have come across and you learn about cultures you weren’t even aware existed. I can honestly say my trip to Munich, Germany was one big history lesson.

Day 1:  I stayed with my cousin while I was in Munich (yay no hotel costs) and she was kind enough to drop me off the train station early morning. Took the metro into the city and took one of Munich’s old town walking tours. After the tour I explored some more on my own and ended up in the Residenz Palace.. I don’t have photos inside the Residenz but the palace was gorgeous and I had a lot of fun exploring its endless corridors and arts.

Day 2: Woke up super early on the second day to catch a tour to Liderhof Palace and Neuchwanstien Castle. I loved learning about the history of King Ludwig and enjoyed the sights of Bavaria along the way. Neuchwanstien Castle however was exhausting to get to and sadly I didn’t make it to the bridge for the epic shot of the castle (more reason to return!).

Day 3: After the unavoidable hike around the Castle grounds of the previous day, day 3 was a relaxing day. I had lunch in the city and checked out Nymphenburg Palace. Then I happily fed the swans in the palace ground’s and returned back to my cousin’s place to prepare for my bus to Prague the next day. More on Prague in the next blog post!



Photos by Salma K Photography


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