That one time in Puerto Rico

It’s been about two years since I’ve been to Puerto Rico. As I’m preparing for my next trip I can’t help but reminisce about past trips. Puerto Rico brings memories of lounging in the sun all day at a really cool resort and great food. Of course the trip was more then that. I went canoeing with a total stranger in Fajardo, hiked El Yunque, roamed the streets of old San Juan and took plenty of pictures.

Plus when you travel with a fashion blogger the trip instantly turns into a fashion shoot.


Day one: A rainbow comes through the clouds on our drive to Fajardo




Wandering the streets of old San Juan

Inside Rio Cumuy Cave


Random Beach we found!


Farrah posing in her all white outfit



Visiting San Cristobal in after hours during sunset!


The hike through El Yunque


End of the line! One of the most exhausting hikes I’ve been on but it was all worth it to capture this shot!


San Cristobal during the day! It was so hot that day and we were walking around suffering from Sunburn but we had a blast. Castillo San Cristobal is a must see Fort. The views of old San Juan from the city are nothing short of great.



One of our last nights! Farrah’s outfit before dinner!


We wrapped up this trip by enjoying dinner while watching a Flamenco show!

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