Nicole and Dale

City Hall marriages are the absolute best! Why? Because the day is just about the couple and their commitment and love for each other. Wedding parties are great and all but often times they are for the guests and family.

Below are pictures of Dale and Nicole’s Boston city hall wedding. These two were an absolute delight to photograph. Their commitment to each other very much unmatched.. best part of the day? The milkshake they both shared after their vows.



The day ended up being quite windy but they braved through it!




Fun fact. Nicole actually made her own wedding dress! Impressive right?

As i’ve mentioned, highlight of the day was the milk shake! I’m sure Dale and Nicole will make it a yearly tradition to grab a Ghirardelli milkshake on their anniversary (Dale will make sure of it).

I wish you two the best of luck!

P.S. I actually went back to the Ghirardelli store another day to get that milkshake (was so good!).


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