Colombian Carnival

Carnival in Barranquilla, Colombia is the second largest in the world. My expectations of attending Carnival was basically seeing endless colorful parades. It was much much more then that. What I discovered instead was a cultural celebration that overtook the entire city of barranquilla. In this celebration were endless block parties, concerts and a lot of drinking. It was a total blast.

Here are the photos I did capture of the parades.







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  1. Lovely photos. What about music, You did not mention a Word about it? Was Samba style music or was typical Colombian Cumbia style music?

    Although this was big festival, Did You know that in Helsinki, Finland we have every summer Samba Carnivals? Here is one of my Samba posts:

    Samba in Helsinki 2

    Maybe You do not know Cumbia music which origins are from Colombia, so here is one example. Its happy and danceable music:

    Example of Cumbia music

    Happy and safe travels!


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