Cartagena, Colombia

I never imagined I’d ever visit Colombia. In the winter of 2017 I visited with some friends. Our main purpose for the visit was carnival. But not until we spent 3 days in Cartagena.

My favorite part about Cartagena was roaming the streets of the old town. It reminded me a lot of Old San Juan in PR.


We visited the Palace of Inquisition and had our own tour guide. Pretty much all I can remember is the amount of torture devices this museum held. Guess the Spanish inquisition wasn’t limited to Spain. 



On day two in our stay in Cartagena we took off for the day to visit Playa Blanca (or white beach). All I can say is we had the boat ride of a lifetime on our way. Picture a speeding jet boat carrying about 20 tourists with water coming in from all sides. 

Also I did go snorkeling for the first time. Unfortunately no pictures to show for that. 

Cartagena was lovely in the evening. Lively streets and carriage rides.


On day three we visited the fort Castillo San Felipe and pretty roamed around after that. 



Photographing the crew

Photos below are of my partner in crime and me. Chifaa and I try to make it a point to visit a new place every year. She’s the sassy one in the skirt and I’m the one in green. 







Martha and Chifaa chilling in this artistic street.



I highly recommend Cartagena. Forget all the hysteria about Colombia being unsafe. We felt safe roaming around. Of course anyone has to take precautions on any trip. Theft is a big issue on almost any place you’ll visit. 

Here’s me again. I rarely let anyone take pictures of me. Especially with my camera.

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