Magical Firenze

My biggest regret of my Italy trip (besides not over dosing on gelato) is not staying longer in Florence. The city seemed absurdly magical.. discovering every square, every cathedral, felt as if one stepped into its renaissance past. Photography wise, I did not have enough time to capture Florence in its essence.. this is why I absolutely plan on returning.


My favorite part of visiting the city was watching the sunset over the skyline. Chifaa and I went to Piazzale Michaelangelo to view the city skyline and what we found were hordes of tourists like everywhere in Italy. At first we were frustrated over not getting clear enough views for selfies and pictures.. that was until the sun started to set. As the sky turned to hues of orange the once annoyance by all the people turned into this collective experience of witnessing something magical unfold. It was in that moment I realized how lucky I was to be able to travel to such a place.. it was in that moment I realized everyone was the same.. all the lovers, families, friends picnicking on wine and cheese.. we were all there experiencing this surreal moment and lucky enough to be able to do so.




One tip if visiting Florence.. buy museum tickets in advance. We waited nearly 5 hours to be able to see the Uffizi gallery. It was kind of worth it but it was near closing time which didn’t give us enough time to take it all in.


And of course, one cannot forget about the Academia Gallery where the famous Statue of David is held.



The Architecture of the famous Duomo in Florence is surreal and stunning from the outside. I simply couldn’t look away.


Here are the rest of odd pictures from walking about..


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